Having had over 20 years of experience in working with young people in various capacities, Tuggstar is extremely skilled in being able to connect, source and unearth talents within young people. He has worked in numerous schools as an artistic and creative writing facilitator, booked for one off workshops. He has been employed as a motivational speaker. Tuggstar, has also been trained as a facilitator by Origin Rites of Passage organisation, Lifesuccess Coaching group and Pathways to Progress youth development group. He has worked in centres for young people and extensively in schools as a poet coach, Teaching Assistant and Learning Mentor working with children who have learning difficulties.

Tuggstar is accredited to train people through Bob Proctor’s Life Success Mastermind program (and associated courses), the 30-90 hour Amer-I-Can program founded by American football legend Jim Brown.


  • MASTERMIND GROUPS: 15hour program designed to identify and clarify purpose, while giving you’re the inspiration to analytically identify and understand the necessary attributes needed to succeed in any area of endeavor.
  • GOAL ACHIEVER: Follow up to the Mastermind Group, a 10-week program, with accompanying CD’s designed o springboard the attainment of one’s goals.
  • POETRY SLAM (INTER-SCHOOL-INTER CLASS): Use Performance poetry in a competitive format to help young people express, research and understand poetry. Work both as a group and individuals. Promotes cohesion with other schools as well as an increased focus on English language, literature, confidence and communication.

MINI SERIES - Comprises of 2-6 sessions

  • RICH DAD-POOR DAD: Introduction to financial intelligence and alternative forms of income.
  • HIP HOP& THE N WORD: An indepth understanding of the N word, its use in Hip Hop and the social ramifications
  • FINDING MY HISTORY: How to personalize history and to find our own stories through major historical events.
  • HOW HIP HOP CHANGED THE WORLD: A critical look into the social influence of a music and sub culture.
  • A HISTORY OF THE BLACK PRESENCE IN BRITAIN: A summary of why Black people came to Britain, it’s connection to international history and the struggles and success they have achieved since.

SINGLE WORKSHOP - Done in 1-2 hours

  • DECODING HISTORY THROUGH HIP HOP: Displaying an alternative side to hip hop that stimulates its listeners to be critical thinkers and promotes the active learning and teaching of History. 
  • INTRO TO PERFORMANCE: Fighting Stage fright and finding the confidence to physically deliver my words. 
  • WRITE YOUR FUTURE: Using words to manifest your dreams.
  • STORY OF THE GRIOT: Historical look of the journey of the word from griots, singers to poets and rappers.  

MOTIVATIONAL TALKS – 30 min-1 hour

**Talks can also be structured around desired themes upon request


Africentric Alternative School

Alexandra Stirling Public School 2015

Bendale Business and Technical Institute

Contact Alternative 2015

Nottingham Public School Durham 2015

Redemption & Re-integration Services 2014/15

Western Tech 2015

Winston Churchill Collegiate 2015

School of Social Entrepreneurs




Islington Arts and Media School
Bishop Challoner Secondary School
Lammas Secondary School
Norlington Boys Secondary School
Stepney Green School of Business and Computing
Rushcroft Seconday School

Pathways 2 Progress


Black Cultural Archives

British Museum

Bernie Grants Arts Centre

V & A Museum

Royal Shakespeare Company